Jenifer for Krack

 Fifth Avenue

 The FIFTH AVENUE stiletto meets all the glamour of this street in a model with 12cm heel.The burgundy, green, gray and camel suede material combined with the toe, heel and toe in black leather.

                 Zapato stiletto azul               Zapato stiletto camel               Zapato stiletto burdeos               Zapato stiletto gris


The BROOKLYN flatform is perfect for urban and casual looks. Walk the streets without losing the glamour.

You can get it in two colours: Burgundy and black, patent leather both.

  Mocasín platform burdeos               Mocasín platform negro


BROADWAY model, is inspired by the charleston musical. It´s available in black and burgundy patent leather. Essential for your night looks

Zapato tacón negro                Zapato tacón burdeos


CHELSEA wedge shoe is ideal for long days, wear comfortable and keep the style. You can choose between two basic colours: black and burgundy, combined with patent leather and suede in the same tone.

Cuña charol negro                  Cuña ante burdeos                 Cuña ante negro

Jenifer Troncoso

Jenifer Troncoso

Jenifer Troncoso gives its name to this collection, created with "great devotion, effort, enthusiasm and passion" Currently, Jenifer is a member of the staff of the brand. Coordinating all the shops, she defines Krack, as a brand in which there are no limits, a brand in which everything is possible with entusiasm and effort. "Krack, has made me feel the luckiest person in the world, trust in me and putting this project on my hands.
They have thaught me that we must never stop following our dreams"


Jenifer for Krack