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In 1978, José Luis Iturriaga founded the footwear company Gaimo in La Rioja. Today, along with his four daughters, the promoter continues to lead this family business, focused on the production of espadrilles, which has established itself as a benchmark in the sector. Gaimo presents great and potential future growth expectations and is currently present in many stores around the world in more than 30 countries. From its beginnings, the company bases its essence on the craftsmanship of all its models, which are manufactured 100% in Spain, more specifically in the province of origin of the brand. Gaimo always uses completely natural furs and fabrics of a great quality in its production process. It is a firm that pays great attention to the care of the details and adornments that it adds to its designs, until the smallest detail of each model is meticulously measured and placed in its place with great precision. The brand seeks to create footwear with its own personality, footwear that provides a unique identity, far beyond a simple functional shoe. The aesthetics that follow all the collections of the signature is feminine, timeless, natural and very elegant. The sensibility of the artisan hands that make each pair of shoes is united at the same time with the extremely careful mixture of the fabrics, the skins and the raw materials used, as the esparto, a material present in multitude of models of the firm. Visit our Krackonline website and discover the Gaimo collection for this season. Take advantage of our free shipping for orders over € 50 and get the model that best suits you! Besides you do not have to worry if you do not choose the right size, the size changes do not have any cost for our clients.
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