Discover the exclusive collection

Discover the
Party Collection 

Designed to step hard and create the perfect guest look!

Discover the 
exclusive collection

The new Sunday Walks collection designed by Sara Baceiredo for Krack Core is now available. A very special collaboration with perfect shoe models to enjoy the summer!

Who is Sara Baceiredo?

At the age of 19, she has become a benchmark in the digital world. Her hobbies: fashion, photography and travelling. 
If there is something that distinguishes Sara is her unforgettable smile and her simple and spontaneous way of being!

Discover the Party Collection

Designed to step hartd and create the perfect guest look!

Dance, enjoy and shine more than ever!

Today and forever you are always beuatiful, forget your fears and bring out the best in you. Enjoy these shoes to the maximum. Remember: you are unique and that is what already makes you incredible. 

I hope you love my collection!

Come to meet Sara Baceiredo and her exclusive collection! We'll be expecting you at Krack Vitoria on Wednesday, June 20 from 6pm to 8.30pm!

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