Havaianas sandals for woman 

The origins of this Brazilian firm date back to 1962. From that moment until today, Havaianas has been expanding and gaining presence in many points of the world geography. The term Havaianas, in Portuguese, was used to refer to the inhabitants of Hawaii. In its beginnings, the first model of Havaianas was inspired by the Zori, flat Japanese sandals whose soles are made with fibers of rice and other vegetables. A very distinctive detail that the Havaianas sandals possess is that the texture of their rubber sole makes a nod to the rice grains. In the 1970s, the Hippy movement greatly influenced the advancement and expansion of these sandals among the younger audience. The sandals of the brand are not a simple footwear for the hottest times of the year, they go much further. By wearing Havaianas, men and women can achieve design, functionality and style, always in a fun and very comfortable line. They are sandals that adapt to any look, a basic of your shoemaker that never goes out of style. The firm offers classic designs since its inception, but currently also bet on some more original and eye-catching models, such as sandals with beads and rhinestones or some models of espadrilles. Havaianas markets the flip-flops as synonymous with joy, comfort, fun and spontaneity. Within a wide variety of colors, styles and shapes, all these flip-flops always use the iconic rubber sole that can be clearly associated with Havaianas. No matter the destination, in a more cosmopolitan environment or in a more natural like the beach, in any facet of your life you can wear Havaianas. At Krackonline you can find the perfect Hawaiian model for you. Enter our website and take advantage of our free shipping from € 50. Plus size changes are completely free!

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